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Easily generate state reports

SafeTransport makes it easy to capture your loaded, unloaded, and activity miles so that you can make generating and submitting your annual report for state reimbursement easier than ever.

Track buses in real time

Find out exactly where along their route they are, the traffic they’re facing, and when they’ll arrive at their destinations. SafeTransport also keeps a full history of where your buses have been, so you can check average stop times, past routes, and speed violations.

Easily create and plan your bus routes

SafeTransport provides powerful, but intuitive tools for planning your routes. Creating routes is as simple as highlighting stops on a map. SafeTransport does the heavy lifting for you, instantly calculating route timings and directions factoring in historical traffic data. You have total control with the ability to drag-and-drop route changes and make tweaks to timings. SafeTransport also creates printable directions for drivers and bus assignment cards for students.

Manage your riders

With the ability to integrate with common student management systems, managing your riders has never been easier. Assigning students to their stops is a snap: SafeTransport recommends the best stops and routes for each student based on their pickup and drop-off locations. It even calculates the time and distance each student has to walk to their stop.

I've had it for a week and a half, now I can't imagine living without it.
– Anthony Naradko, Transportation and Safety Director of Parkland School District

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